Traditions Council (Boston)


The Traditions Council is a local representative council in Boston that consists of a representative from each of the Nine Traditions. While the Traditions operate independently as they always have, the Council meets to discuss matters of importance to the entire magickal community. Such matters range from coordinating efforts in the Ascension War to discussing the discovery of new artifacts to resolving conflicts between the Traditions.


Each Tradition has a representative on the Tradition Council from the Boston area. The representatives are:

Dr. Oneiros (Sons of Ether)

Charles Sulla (Order of Hermes)

Stone Ox (Akashic Brotherhood)

Jason Kraus (Dreamspeakers)

Lady Demeter (Verbena)

Rev. Matthew Hemingway (Celestial Chorus)

tAyzRbeest (Virtual Adepts)

Mauryanasang (Euthanatos)

Desmond Reed (Cult of Ecstasy)

Traditions Council (Boston)

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