Boston is the location of Back Bay Reckoning, a story of rebellion, deception and the allure of power. Modern day Boston is a shadow of its former self. It is a decrepit and fetid place where the old landmarks of the American Revolution have become cracked and worn, a grim reflection of the failure of the ideals of the Revolution to take root. Its ideals were betrayed from the beginning, it was the result of cynical attempts by landed aristocrats to seize power for themselves. The Revolution died in its crib and the city itself remembers. The old families of Boston remain in control with wealthy estates in Beacon Hill and Back Bay while the yuppies grind themselves into dust and the poor do what they can to survive.

Magickal History

In earlier days Dreamspeakers and the Verbena lived in what is now Boston and most of modern-day Massachusetts. The wholesale slaughter of the Native American population coupled with the infamous witch trials of the late 17th century decimated the Dreamspeakers and Verbena respectively. These Traditions proved resilient however and continue to maintain a strong presence in the Greater Boston Area. The role played by the Celestial Chorus in the pogroms against the Dreamspeakers and Verbena remains a source of tension and conflict on the local Traditions Council and in the magickal community more generally.

The European settlers initially attracted members of the Celestial Chorus and the Order of Hermes with the Puritans and the new Boston nobility providing sources of power for each of the respective groups. The local Celestial Chorus takes after their Puritan roots and are unapologetic about the atrocities committed against the Dreamspeakers and Verbena causing no small amount of animosity. The Order for their part are content to remain above it all, at least on the surface, in reality the Order has attempted to take advantage of the political climate for their own purposes just as they always have.

Also worthy of note was the foundation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1861 by an Electrodyne Engineer named William Barton Rogers. MIT remained under the influence of the Electrodyne Engineers even after their defection from the Technocracy to the Traditions and subsequent rebirth as the Sons of Ether. Since then MIT has become a mental and sometimes physical battleground between the Sons of Ether and the Technocratic Union. The Sons of Ether want to maintain control of an institution founded on Etheric principles and the Technocracy seeks to control one of the most prestigious centres of technical learning in the United States.


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